Christi Keith Voters Pamphlet.jpg

Christi Keith

Elected Experience

PCO 31st District

Other Professional Experience
Strategic leader and organizational change consultant, with more than 35 years of experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors - 20+ years of which are in the Pacific Northwest. 


North Texas State University, Honor English; International Publishing Management Association - Certified Publishing Management; Totally Quality Management - XEROX Training Program Graduate; Southern Methodist University - Graphics Courses; Lean Management Courses

Community Service

Board President & Co-Founder: Tahoma Community Land Trust (Affordable Housing). Non-Profit Fundraiser. COVID relief volunteer. Volunteer mentor. I am a long-time community advocate fighting for education, food security, jobs, healthcare, housing, rural economic development, and economic opportunities for all.

Edgewood is experiencing growth. Our task is to plan, while ensuring Edgewood stays a welcoming place to live, shop, and play with a high quality of life for all. This means protecting community while providing economic opportunities, robust public safety, and managing infrastructure.

I support responsible growth and green spaces/parks to keep Edgewood safe and healthy. Mandated growth and Growth Management Act protects us in many ways, but constrains choices, and working together we can mitigate challenges to lessen growing pains while embracing Edgewood's Master Plan.

At work, I’m a proven leader, change manager, and big systems thinker that brings together divergent and often-competing perspectives and data to weave a transparent and easy to understand narrative. Identifying problems and fixing them is the core of my work. I am a budget hawk and fiscally cautious and am known for directness, consensus-building, transparency, fairness, and fact-based management. I focus on good change that people can actually feel, even when it’s hard.

I’ll also be in Olympia fighting for Edgewood so that surrounding cities have access to transit and freeways. From a farm, I embrace rural perspective and lifestyle, while appreciating neighborhoods and amenities cities bring. I love our town and growth is hard, but with your help, we can manage it wisely.